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Since 2018, Bremner Construction Inc. has been transforming landscapes and redefining excavation in Southern Ontario. As a landscape company par excellence, we offer professional construction services, including demolition services and septic system design. With a combined experience of 45 years, our team takes pride in delivering impeccable quality and customer satisfaction, setting us apart as your top choice among excavation contractors.


We’re not just a landscape service; Bremner Construction Inc. is a one-stop solution for diverse construction requirements. Our services encompass landscaping, excavation & grading, demolition, septic systems, and land clearing. We excel at creating stunning retaining walls, bulk excavation, home demolition, septic system design, and efficient land clearing. We communicate consistently with our clients throughout the process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free project execution.

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Choosing Bremner Construction means choosing excellence. Our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and safety makes us the best. Our experienced team, transparent communication, and streamlined quoting process ensure your project is in reliable hands. Serving Cambridge and the surrounding region, our commitment to providing first-class construction services sets us apart in the industry.

Comprehensive Construction Services in Cambridge

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Cambridge's Best Landscaping Service

Our landscaping services are comprehensive. We specialize in retaining walls, interlock, sod, planting, concrete, asphalt, fences, and decks. Our emphasis on retaining walls ensures you get standout work. Although we don’t offer landscape maintenance, we concentrate on creating and transforming your spaces into picturesque landscapes.
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Expert Excavation

We offer a wide range of excavation services, from foundational digs, backfill, pools, and trenching for utilities, to road shoulder maintenance and property leveling. We have become known for our foundation digs and bulk excavation. While we currently don’t engage in water main and sewer work, we continue to expand our offerings for your benefit.
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Safe Demolition in Cambridge

Our demolition services include structural and below-grade demolitions, removal of structural debris, concrete disposal, and yard waste disposal. We focus on home demolition, ensuring a smooth transition to subsequent excavation and construction tasks. We do not perform interior or hand demolition, maintaining our focus on comprehensive building demolitions.

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We offer comprehensive septic system services, from system design and permit application to septic system installation. We coordinate with inspectors to ensure compliance. Our specialty is designing and installing new septic systems to meet your waste management needs. We do not offer septic pumping services.
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Safe Demolition in Cambridge

Our land clearing services are thorough and efficient, including lot clearance, entrance openings, access roads clearance, and debris removal. We ensure your land is ready for the next construction, landscaping, or real estate development project.

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