Bremner Construction Inc.

Waterloo’s Demolition Experts

Structural and Below-Grade Demolitions

Demolitions Made Safe

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Start To Finish Home Demolitions

We’ll cover every aspect of your home demolition. We start above ground with our heavy equipment to begin dismantling your house from the top down.
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Below-Grade Removals

Demolishing a house leaves behind the below-ground structural aspects, like foundations, basements, and propane and septic tanks. Nothing is out of our reach.
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Complete Clean-Up

With our fleet of trucks and equipment, we’ll safely deal with hazardous materials and debris that’s left over from your demolition and get it off-site!
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We’ll Dispose of It!

Start From Scratch

Our full range of demolition services can help you revert your property back to an empty slate so you can start building the brand-new home of your dreams.

Combine our demolition services with our home excavation services and get complete one-stop solutions.

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If You Need It Gone, Choose Bremner Construction

Buying a fixer-upper in Waterloo and Southern Ontario that isn’t worth fixing up? Our demolition services are your solution. We can take down any unwanted building on your property, from entire homes, barns, sheds, or garages, and leave you with a clear and open space.