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Dos and Don’ts of Building Stone Landscapes in Waterloo


The magnificence of stone landscaping is undeniable. A well-crafted stone landscape can dramatically increase the value and appeal of any property. However, like any other major project, proper construction methods are vital to its success. Let’s explore the essential dos and don’ts of building beautiful stone landscapes in Waterloo.

Choosing the Right Materials

Picking the right materials can be a daunting task, given the plethora of choices available. From natural stones to armour stones and boulders, each stone type has its unique appeal and function. Here are some dos and don’ts when selecting your materials:


Choose stones that complement your property’s overall aesthetic and can withstand the local climate. In Waterloo, armour stone retaining walls are popular due to their strength and natural appeal.


Skimp on quality to save costs. Lower quality stones may not endure harsh weather conditions and could compromise your landscape’s durability. Also, don’t overlook the importance of quality retaining wall caps; they provide a polished finish and additional protection.

Planning Your Stone Landscape

Before you dive into construction, proper planning is vital.


Consider the terrain, drainage, and the intended purpose of the space. A well-designed landscape takes these factors into account to create a functional and visually pleasing space.


Overlook local zoning regulations and neglect the consultation of professionals. The team at Bremner Construction, a leading landscaper in Waterloo, can provide expert advice and ensure your project complies with all local codes.

Constructing Stone Landscapes

The construction phase is where your plan takes shape.


Hire professional landscapers. Experienced professionals, like Bremner Construction, are knowledgeable about correct construction methods and have the necessary equipment.


Attempt a complex project without professional help. Incorrect construction techniques can lead to serious issues down the road such as uneven settling, poor drainage, or even wall collapse.

Retaining Wall Construction

The charm of a retaining wall goes beyond its aesthetics—it’s a functional feature that prevents soil erosion and creates more usable space.


Understand the unique construction requirements of different types of retaining walls. An armour stone retaining wall, for example, requires different construction techniques compared to a natural stone or boulder retaining wall.


Ignore the significance of proper drainage. Without it, water build-up can damage the wall over time.

Using Interlocking Stone in Your Landscape

Interlocking stones add charm to any landscape, offering both versatility and durability.


Consider interlocking stones for high-traffic areas such as walkways or patios due to their durability and low maintenance needs.


Overlook the need for a properly prepared base. It’s crucial to install interlocking stones on a well-compacted and leveled base to prevent shifting and sinking over time.

Maintenance of Your Stone Landscape

Once your stone landscape is in place, ongoing maintenance is essential to keep it looking its best.


Regularly inspect your landscape for signs of wear and tear, and use suitable cleaning methods to maintain its luster.


Procrastinate on repairs. Small cracks or shifts can lead to bigger issues if not addressed promptly. Also, avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the stones.

Let’s Wrap Up

The journey to a captivating stone landscape is a mix of careful planning, right material selection, professional construction, and diligent maintenance. Following these dos and don’ts can ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your stone landscapes in Waterloo.

Next Steps

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space with a stunning stone landscape? Don’t embark on this journey alone. Contact Bremner Construction, the trusted professional in Waterloo for all your landscaping needs. From providing expert guidance to executing a flawless construction, we’ve got you covered! 

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