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A Guide to Right of Way Land Clearing

Right-of-way clearing is an essential land clearing service that many property owners and utility companies often overlook. It’s a vital process to ensure safety, maintain infrastructure, and prevent potential damage to power lines and other utilities. Bremner Construction, a Waterloo-based excavation and landscaping company, excels in providing right of way management. Our expertise ensures that your land remains safe, accessible, and properly maintained.

Understanding Right of Way Clearing

Right of way (ROW) refers to the land allocated for transportation, utilities, and other public uses. Clearing the ROW is crucial to keep these areas accessible and safe. One of the first steps you need to take when looking to build a new property or make an addition to a current one is land clearing. Ridding your lot of large rocks, trees or stumps, vegetation, or other debris is a lot of work but also necessary. Taking it on one step at a time can make it manageable, even though it can be a large task.

While some people choose to clear their lots or ROWs on their own, hiring professionals is sometimes necessary. The successful completion of the job relies on finding contractors with the right know-how, equipment and experience. To know what to expect, it’s smart to learn the different steps of the land clearing process, even if you’re planning to hire a land clearing company to help.

Importance of ROW Clearing

Clearing the way is not just about removing a tree or two; it’s about maintaining a safe and functional space for power lines, ensuring transportation routes are unobstructed, and providing necessary access for emergency vehicles. Regular care and clearing of these areas are vital for the safety and efficiency of services and public transportation.

Preventing Infrastructure Damage

Trees and other vegetation growing too close to power lines and other utilities can cause significant damage. Falling branches or unstable trees can disrupt power lines, leading to outages or even dangerous situations. By regularly clearing these ROW areas, Bremner Construction helps to prevent such damage, ensuring the continuous and safe operation of utility services.

Risks of Trees Near Power Lines

Trees that grow too close to power lines pose various risks. They can lead to power outages, fires, or even electrical hazards. Regular tree removal in these areas are necessary to mitigate these risks, ensuring that the power lines run safely and efficiently.

Sustainable Vegetation Removal Practices

At Bremner, we emphasize sustainable vegetation removal. This approach not only clears the necessary area but also considers the environmental impact. We use methods that allow for healthy regrowth and avoid unnecessary harm to the surrounding ecosystem.

Advancements in Sustainable Clearing Equipment

Utilizing the latest equipment in ROW clearing is part of our commitment to sustainable practices. Our equipment is designed to efficiently clear areas while minimizing environmental impact. This modern machinery allows for precise removal of vegetation, reducing the overall disturbance to the land.

Right of Way Maintenance in Ontario

In Ontario, the responsibility for taking care of a ROW falls on different entities depending on the location and type of ROW. Companies, local governments, and property owners all play a role in maintaining these areas. It’s crucial to understand and adhere to the local regulations and requirements for ROW maintenance.

Enhancing Visibility and Access

Clearing the right of way is not only about removing obstructions but also about enhancing visibility and access. This is particularly important for areas near roads and highways, where clear visibility is essential for safe transportation. Similarly, emergency services require clear access to respond to incidents effectively.

Top 6 Benefits of Right of Way Clearing

Infrastructure components like overhead power lines and underground pipelines play a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of businesses and homes nationwide. To allow companies to continue providing uninterrupted supply to customers, the land around these important systems needs to be easily accessible as a result. Who takes care of the land? Where the critical job of ROW clearing comes in is here.

Improved Safety

Regular clearing helps to prevent accidents and ensures safe passage for vehicles and pedestrians.

Enhanced Property Value

A well-maintained property with clear ROW areas is more appealing and valuable.

Damage Prevention

Regular care helps to avoid damage to power lines and other utilities.

Legal Compliance

Adhering to local laws and regulations regarding ROW upkeep is essential.

Environmental Benefits

Controlled vegetation management can contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

Cost Savings

Preventative measures can save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and disruptions.


Investing in right of way clearing is not just a necessity; it’s a smart choice for property owners, utility companies, and local governments. It ensures safety, compliance, and functionality of essential services and infrastructure. Bremner Construction, with its expertise and commitment to sustainable practices, is the ideal partner for your ROW clearing needs in Waterloo.

For professional right of way clearing services, contact us today. We’re ready to assist you with your project, whether large or small, to ensure your land is safe, clear, and well-maintained. Let’s planning your ROW clearing project today.

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