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Interlocking Stone: Enhance Your Landscaping Project


Landscape designing is an art, a creative endeavour that converts your outdoors into a space of tranquillity and charm. Interlocking is one of the secret ingredients that add charm and functionality to any landscape. Interlocking, or interlocking stone, refers to a way of installing pavers locked together without the use of mortar. Their durability, variety, and aesthetic appeal make them a preferred choice for landscaping projects.

What is Interlocking Stone?

Interlocking stone, often called pavers, is a type of moulded concrete or natural stone specifically designed to fit together. They come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colours, giving you the freedom to create a unique, customized design. 

The benefits of using interlocking stones in your landscape are manifold. The interlocking design guarantees high durability and longevity, even under heavy traffic. It offers excellent resistance to cracking that can be caused by frost heave and ground movement. Moreover, their versatility and aesthetic appeal can significantly enhance your property’s curb appeal. 

Innovative Ways to Use Interlocking in Your Landscaping Project 

Interlocking for Pathways and Walkways

One of the most common uses of interlocking pavers is in creating beautiful pathways and walkways. Their versatility allows you to lay out a path that twists and turns or one that is straight and narrow, complimenting your landscape perfectly. 

Interlocking Pavers for Patios 

Interlocking pavers make for a perfect patio surface. They create a smooth, easily walkable surface that can withstand the elements, and the wide array of available designs means you can match the patio’s look to your home’s architecture. 

Creating an Interlock Driveway 

An interlocking stone driveway not only withstands heavy vehicle traffic but also provides an elegant welcome mat to your home. It boosts your home’s curb appeal and, with the right pavers, can tie your landscape’s design together. 

Building Steps with Interlocking Stone 

Interlocking stones are perfect for building outdoor steps due to their durability and resistance to slippage. Whether it’s steps leading to your front door or those on a garden path, interlocking pavers can provide a beautiful and sturdy solution. 

Interlocking Stone for Retaining Walls 

Interlocking stones can also be used for building retaining walls. Their strength and stability make them ideal for this purpose, and the variety of stone styles available means you can find a look that suits your landscape’s design. 

Planning For Interlocking Blocks

A Step-by-Step Guide 

The process of interlocking, while it may appear straightforward, requires meticulous planning, a precise understanding of the landscape, and careful implementation. Here’s a closer look at the step-by-step process: 

  1. Designing: 

The first step to any successful landscaping project is designing. It involves understanding the landscape, the purpose of the project, and choosing the type of interlocking stone. It also requires measuring the area to be covered and laying out a plan. The design plan should include the desired pattern, colour, and shape of the interlocking pavers. Bremner Construction’s team of experts can assist you in creating a detailed and precise plan. 

  1. Preparing the Ground: 

The next step is preparing the ground. It involves removing the existing material to a certain depth to allow for the installation of the pavers. The depth depends on the planned use of the space – whether it’s a driveway, walkway, or patio. The ground should be levelled and compacted to create a solid base. 

  1. Installing the Base Material: 

Once the ground is prepared, it’s time to lay down the base material, typically coarse gravel. This provides a stable foundation for the interlocking pavers. The gravel layer is then compacted and levelled again to ensure a firm and flat surface. 

  1. Laying the Sand Bed: 

On top of the gravel base, a layer of fine sand is added. The sand acts as a bed for the pavers and helps lock them in place. It’s crucial to maintain an even thickness of the sand bed across the entire area. 

  1. Laying the Interlocking Stones: 

The interlocking stones are then meticulously placed according to the design plan. Each stone is set close to the others, maintaining uniform joint sizes. The interlocking pattern is essential as it gives the construction its strength and resilience. 

  1. Filling the Joints and Compacting: 

After the stones are placed, additional fine sand is spread over the top and swept into the joints between the stones. This locks the stones firmly in place. The surface is then compacted again, causing the sand to settle in the joints and lock the pavers into a solid, monolithic surface. 

  1. Sealing (Optional): 

Depending on the type of pavers and personal preference, a sealant can be applied. Sealing the pavers can enhance their colour, provide protection from stains and weathering, and improve their longevity. 

The process of interlocking is a careful dance of precision and meticulous execution. While some handy homeowners may choose to tackle this project on their own, the expertise and knowledge that professional landscapers bring to the table can ensure that the project is completed efficiently and effectively, saving you time and potential headaches. Bremner Construction is experienced in creating stunning interlocked landscapes that not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. 

Why Choose Professional Landscapers for Your Interlocking Project 

While some may consider it a DIY project, interlocking requires an understanding of the landscape, precise calculation, and careful implementation, which is where professional landscapers come into play. Professional landscapers can properly assess the land, accurately measure the area, and execute the interlocking efficiently, saving you from unnecessary hassles and potential mistakes. 

Bremner Construction, based in Waterloo, specializes in stone landscapes and offers top-notch interlocking services. We can help you choose the right interlocking pavers that blend with your landscape and assist you in executing your vision, ensuring your landscape transformation is a grand success. 


Interlocking is a fantastic way to add charm and value to your property. It’s a functional and stylish solution to landscape design. Interlocking pavers can elevate your landscaping project to a new level, whether it’s a winding garden pathway, a chic patio, a sturdy driveway, steps, or retaining walls. Entrust your interlocking project to the professionals at Bremner Construction to bring your vision to life.

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