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Get Prepared For Building

Buying a vacant lot on the outskirts of Waterloo may present challenges that get in the way of you using your property as you see fit. When you need to clear out your property for a new home-building project, choose Bremner Construction’s land-clearing services.

We’ll bring your new property from an overgrown mess to a clean, graded plot of land that’s ready to be built on. We’ll handle everything from expanding your property’s entrance to clearing vegetation, rocks, and anything that will get in the way of your home-building project.

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Explore What We Can Do For You

Clear Away Unwanted Brush

Thick, overgrown vegetation and brush can be a nightmare to deal with without the proper equipment. Let us take care of it. We have the equipment and experience needed to clear away all of that unwanted brush and haul it off your property.
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Improve Access and Right-Of-Ways

It doesn’t take long for rural service roads to become overgrown and otherwise inaccessible. It doesn’t have to stay that way. Utility companies in Waterloo and Southern Ontario can trust Bremner Construction to provide land-clearing services that allow better access to infrastructure and right-of-ways.

Beautify Your Newly Cleared Property

With Bremner Construction’s land-clearing services, your property will become an empty canvas that awaits transformation. Don’t let it sit plain and flat, and choose Bremner Construction to transform your property with our landscaping services.
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