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Any home in Waterloo and Southern Ontario deserves to have its property transformed by the landscaping experts at Bremner Construction. We provide landscaping and hardscaping solutions that add beauty and comfort to your outdoor spaces.

Our Landscaping Solutions

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Why Add REtaining Walls to Your Property?

Retaining Walls are a landscaping staple that looks great and provides additional functionality for your property. Bremner Construction builds long-lasting retaining walls in any style with any material, from natural stone to synthetic blocks. There are many reasons to have a retaining wall on your property. Whether your purpose is functional or purely cosmetic, we have solutions for you.
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Sloping terrain

Fix sloping terrain by extending the level parts of your property into multiple levels and get the most out of your outdoor spaces.
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Erosion Control

All it takes are a few bad rain storms to eat away at your property’s soil. Keep it in one piece with a retaining wall.
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Add terraces, raised garden beds, or other landscaping features with the use of retaining walls.
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Structural Support

Adding a new driveway or shed to your property can sometimes only be made possible with the introduction of a retaining wall.
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Compliment your landscaping with hardscape features. Hardscaping makes all the difference in how to enjoy your property. We offer customized hardscaping solutions that compliment your home’s style and aesthetics with materials like interlock, concrete, and asphalt.

Ways of Incorporating Interlock Into Your Design

Interlocking pavers are a great way to add clean, durable, and visually appealing hardscapes to your property.

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