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Septic Systems Waterloo

Tailored SOlutions

Chances are, if you live on the outskirts of Waterloo or rural Southern Ontario, then your home will need a septic system. Bremner Construction is your one-stop for all Septic System needs. Our turnkey solutions will provide everything from tailored design plans, excavations, and installations to getting all of the right permits in order.
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Custom Design Plans

Septic systems aren’t one size fits all. The shape and size of your property, the qualities of your soil, and the size of your household will dictate how we approach designing a septic system that is perfect for you.

Our design plans will map out the ideal placements for your septic tank, leach field, and all of the piping that links your home’s outflow to the system. Depending on your property and terrain, we’ll also recommend the best approaches for treating your wastewater.

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Septic System Installations

As excavation and grading professionals, Bremner Construction has all of the right equipment and experience to take on the most crucial aspect of your septic system installations—your leach field.

Installing a leach field that will effectively treat your wastewater requires excavation and the layering and grading of aggregates like sand, gravel, and soil. If everything is installed correctly, your household’s wastewater will travel from your tank, through a distribution box, towards perforated pipes and filtered into the ground as it travels past the various laid materials.

Keeping Your System Working Great

The key to keeping a septic system working as it should is regular inspections. At Bremner Construction, we work with trusted and certified septic system inspectors who can provide you with the necessary care to maintain your long-term septic solutions.
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