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The Top 6 Benefits of Right of Way Clearing 

In the evolving landscape of urban and rural development, the need for efficient right of way (ROW) clearing has become increasingly significant. This process, which involves the removal of trees, brush, and other vegetation, is essential for maintaining access to various infrastructure, such as power, water, and telecommunications lines. As ROW clearing contractors rooted in Waterloo, Bremner Construction has been at the forefront of providing professional services. Our work not only ensures the functionality of ROWs but also enhances the overall condition and aesthetics of the land. 

What is Right of Way Maintenance?

Overhead power lines and underground pipelines cover large stretches of land. Without the constant clearing and trimming of vegetation on the ground and growing from trees, the infrastructure in this thick scrubland would be inaccessible or at least very difficult to access. The land can be owned either by the government or privately.

Generally, ROW maintenance involves keeping the land clear through land clearing and tree removal. This may be done in a variety of ways, like grubbing, mulching, trimming and pruning. To ensure full visibility from an aerial view, the path must be cleared to a great extent.

ROW refers to publicly owned land that is used for transportation purposes. To ensure there is adequate ROW access, a county will purchase more land, including private land, in order to maintain road services. And if you want it done properly, then you’ll want Bremner Construction to come and take care of any overgrown vegetation.

Improves Accessibility 

Enabling Efficient Transportation and Access 

Accessibility is more than a convenience; it’s a fundamental aspect of any thriving community’s infrastructure. ROW clearing by companies like Bremner Construction plays a critical role in this regard. In regions where heavy vegetation is prevalent, roads and pathways can easily become obscured or entirely blocked, hindering the flow of traffic and limiting access to essential areas. The importance of maintaining clear paths cannot be overstated, especially in rural or densely wooded areas where natural growth can quickly encroach upon established routes. 

For businesses, clear access is synonymous with seamless operations. It allows for the timely transportation of goods and services, which is crucial for maintaining the pace of commercial activities. Similarly, homeowners benefit greatly from these efforts. Clear access means not only ease of travel but also a sense of security, knowing that emergency services can reach them without hindrance or delay. The work of ROW clearing, therefore, becomes a vital component in ensuring the safety and efficiency of a community. 

Emergency services, in particular, rely heavily on these clear paths. Whether it’s fire trucks rushing to a scene or ambulances navigating through tight spaces, every second counts. The ability of these services to respond promptly can mean the difference between life and death. Thus, ROW clearing isn’t just about maintaining aesthetics or convenience; it’s about preserving a lifeline that communities depend on. 

Protects Infrastructure 

Safeguarding Utilities and Public Services 

Keeping a community safe is imperative because it cannot function without infrastructure. ROW clearing contractors provide the following services to remove anything that could be an obstacle to the functioning of the infrastructure.

One of the most crucial aspects of ROW clearing is its role in protecting vital infrastructure. Utilities such as power lines, water pipes, and communication cables are the lifelines of modern communities, often running through areas susceptible to natural overgrowth. Over time, trees, brush, and other forms of vegetation can encroach upon these utilities, posing significant risks. The danger of falling trees or heavy branches on power lines, for instance, is not just theoretical—it’s a real threat that can lead to power outages, fires, and other hazardous situations. Similarly, unchecked root growth can damage water pipes, causing leaks or blockages that disrupt essential water supply. 

Bremner Construction, with its expertise in ROW clearing, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding these utilities. The company employs state-of-the-art methods and equipment to efficiently and safely clear areas around these vital services. Their professional approach ensures that the essential services these utilities provide remain uninterrupted, thus maintaining the regular rhythm of daily life for both homeowners and businesses. 

Another significant issue addressed by ROW clearing is the prevention of damage to communication lines, which are crucial for connectivity in today’s digital age. Disruptions to these lines can have far-reaching consequences, affecting everything from individual communications to critical business operations. By keeping the areas around these lines clear, Bremner Construction helps ensure that communication remains consistent and reliable. 

Enhances Aesthetics 

Beautifying Landscapes and Communities

The transformation of landscapes through ROW clearing can have a profound impact on the aesthetic appeal of both private properties and public spaces. Bremner Construction has been instrumental in turning overgrown and neglected areas into visually appealing landscapes. We don’t leave until it looks its best. The process includes removing debris, overgrown brush, weeds and trees that have grown out of control and that impede roads and paths. Not only does getting rid of thick shrubbery make the space accessible and workable, but it also enhances its aesthetics!

This beautification extends beyond mere visual appeal; it instills a sense of pride and ownership among residents and community members. A clean and well-maintained landscape encourages people to appreciate and care for their surroundings, fostering a stronger community spirit. This sense of pride can be particularly impactful in communal spaces like parks, roadsides, and public gardens, where improved aesthetics can lead to increased use and enjoyment by the community. 

Increases Visibility 

Enhancing Road Safety and Awareness

Visibility plays a vital role in ensuring road safety. ROW clearing, a service expertly provided by companies like Bremner Construction, is instrumental in enhancing visibility for all road users. This process involves the clearing of overgrown trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that can obscure critical views along roadways. This is especially important in areas with natural curves and intersections and near schools where children and families are frequently present. 

The obstruction of a driver’s view due to overgrown vegetation can lead to dangerous situations, particularly at intersections where the ability to see oncoming traffic is crucial. Similarly, on winding roads, obscured views around bends can increase the risk of collisions. By clearing these ROWs, Bremner Construction plays a key role in preventing such accidents, making the roads safer for everyone. 

Additionally, clear visibility is essential in areas frequented by children, such as school zones and playgrounds. Children are often less predictable in their movements and may not be as aware of the dangers posed by traffic. Enhancing visibility in these areas ensures that drivers have ample time to see and react to children crossing roads or playing nearby, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. 

Maintains Safety 

Reducing Fire Hazards and Risks 

One of the paramount concerns in land management is the mitigation of fire hazards. In areas where brush and dead vegetation accumulate, the risk of fire escalates, particularly under dry and hot conditions. This is where ROW clearing becomes a critical preventative measure. Bremner Construction, with its comprehensive approach to land maintenance, plays a vital role in this aspect of community safety. 

By systematically clearing away the brush and dead vegetation, they effectively remove what could potentially be fuel for wildfires. This is especially important in regions prone to dry spells or in areas surrounding residential and commercial properties, where a fire could have devastating consequences. The removal of these materials not only reduces the likelihood of a fire starting but also limits the potential spread of a fire should one occur. 

Moreover, the strategic clearing of vegetation can create natural fire breaks, which are essential in slowing or stopping the spread of wildfires. These cleared spaces act as barriers, preventing fires from easily jumping across roads or into neighbourhoods. ROW clearing not only protects the land but also the properties and, more importantly, the lives of the people living in these areas. 

Increases Land Value 

Enhancing Property Appeal and Value 

The value of a piece of land is not solely determined by the buildings or structures that reside on it but also by the quality of its surrounding environment. Well-maintained surroundings, including clear and tidy ROWs, play a significant role in enhancing appeal and, consequently, market value. This is where the services of Bremner Construction become invaluable, as their expertise in ROW clearing can transform an ordinary piece of land into a desirable one. 

For homeowners, land with clear and well-maintained surroundings not only offers aesthetic pleasure but also signifies a well-cared-for space, which is highly attractive to potential buyers. This kind of attention to detail can significantly increase the property’s curb appeal, making it stand out in a competitive real estate market. 

Businesses, on the other hand, benefit from clear surroundings by presenting a professional and inviting image to clients and customers. A well-maintained exterior can be a reflection of the business’s ethos and commitment to quality, thereby attracting more business and potentially higher investments. 

Furthermore, ROW clearing can reveal the true potential of a piece of land, sometimes uncovering additional usable space that can be developed or utilized more effectively. This can be particularly appealing for properties that were previously undervalued due to overgrown and unkempt exteriors.


The benefits of ROW clearing are diverse and impactful, ranging from improved accessibility and safety to enhanced aesthetics and increased land value. Bremner Construction, with its professional expertise and commitment to quality service, has been a key player in providing these benefits to the Waterloo area. Their work in clearing and maintaining ROWs not only serves the immediate needs of accessibility and infrastructure protection but also contributes to the long-term development and appeal of the community. Homeowners, businesses, and local authorities can rely on Bremner Construction for their ROW clearing needs. Contact us today to start clearing.

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